Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from nature

Throughout our travels to Europe and Asia we find nature and it's green, living, and natural feel

We want to bring nature inside to compliment your business or home, the same way it is appealing in it's natural environemnt.

About Us

Living Art Creation

Dong has always been an artist at heart. Starting as a chef, he spent years crafting delicious pieces in his own restaurant and helping other establishments polish their menus. Now, he is growing his creative ability by adding on the task of delivering the most beautiful works of living art to his customers. Dong believes the greatest beauty is found outdoors, and he focuses on bringing that beauty inside.

“The greatest beauty is found outdoors; it’s my job to bring that indoors for you

The Process

.01 Design

The design process, where we match style, color, and size to match our client's specifications

.02 Create

After the design process is complete, we then create your living artwork by hand. We use natural construction methods that allow the moss to grow and root in the frame.

.03 Install

We can come to your home or business and install the Living Art with our professional contractors, or eliminate the install fee and use your own contractor for installation.



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